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Policy: Family Wages

Income inequality has been widening since at least the 1970s. It may be reversed only by restoring our disappearing middle class, which means reinvigorating Oregon’s organized labor community. Unions help to ensure shared prosperity for all, both for members and non-unionized workers alike. Recent actions to improve worker protections and increase the supply of good-paying jobs have been inspiring and must continue.



  • Ensure that protections for workers and their unions are upheld, including the right to organize, enforcement against wage theft, and minimum wage growth.

  • Expand Oregon’s recent investment in pre-school through grade 12 funding, to include higher education funding so that more students are prepared for family-wage careers.

  • Adopt a college loan forgiveness plan that encourages new graduates in teaching, health care, and other critical professions to work in low-income or rural communities.


How to pay for these ideas:

Cancel tax loopholes for the rich. Two examples: 

1) Disconnecting from the opportunistic Trump tax break for the wealthy known as the “Opportunity Zone” tax giveaway. 

2) Reform the pass-through tax break to eliminate this deduction for high-profit businesses and refocus its business-stimulation purpose for small businesses.

Can you help make Laurie's plans a reality?
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