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Join Laurie's "Anti-Troll Patrol"!

As a committed progressive, Laurie is used to receiving the occasional flack from extremists.  But now that Laurie has been endorsed by progressive organizations such as Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, and earned a "Gun Sense Candidate" designation from Moms Demand Action, the online trolls have really come out!


Sign up below to join the Patrol by pledging to donate a small amount between now and Election Day for each time one of these trolls sends out a hateful message.


Once you sign up, we'll e-mail you a notification when there's a Troll Attack (and show you the troll's comment!), and a link to our donation page.  That way, trolls will know that each hateful comment will be turned into resources that will be put to use spreading Laurie's message of community, equity, inclusion, and mutual support.  WE DO NOT ENGAGE THE TROLLS.

E-mail address:
Pledge per Attack:
(Through May 19.  We'll let you know when there's been a Troll Attack, but this pledge is your responsibility to fulfill.  We don't keep your credit card information on file, but you can save your information with ActBlue if you like.  We ask because knowing an approximate amount helps us to show the Trolls how much they're raising for Laurie!)
This is not an invitation to engage with trolls or partake in any type of online bullying or harassment.

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In the last few weeks, we've seen accusations, name-calling... even veiled threats.  Nevertheless, Laurie has been focused on connecting to voters with her progressive message!

These online trolls come out because they've got no better way to engage... but we do!

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